The fitness classes are held in groups (list below), taking place according to the schedule. If you are unsure which one of the fitness classes to choose, come to us personally. Our instructors will select courses adjusted to your physical condition and preferences.



Fitness classes based on general nature, involving lots of muscles throughout the body. The purpose of this form is to increase physical activity, physical fitness and optimal shaping of the whole body using weights, belts and balls.



TBC or Total Body Condition fitness training is shaping all parts of the body. The first part of the training is based on choreography using basic aerobic steps, while the second is the strengthening exercises shoulders, back, abdomen, thighs, buttocks.



Fitness classes consist of choreography based on mounting and dismounting from the degree of height-adjustable. The main aim is to improve the health, motor coordination, and reduction of body fat while modeling the muscles of the legs and buttocks. For systems with simple choreography classes are not monotonous, and specially selected MUSIC highlight their positive nature.



Fitness classes are conducted by specially designed music using variable rate. The dynamic part is based on the maximum warming up your body and raise your heart rate in order to start the combustion process, and the free part is focused on developing the various parts of the body. The interleaving of two different speeds causes the combustion process is maintained throughout the duration of the exercise. Short, simple choreography mobilize the body to work hard and give respite after many repetitions of exercises. Classes increase the efficiency of the respiratory and circulatory system.



Pilates is one of the safest forms of physical activity, suitable for everyone, regardless of age and health. Pilates Exercise Program includes learning proper breathing, body posture and to maintain posture during exercise and work on strengthening the deep core muscles to stabilize the spine and the pelvis. Pilates is a total body workout which includes exercises inspired by yoga, ballet and strength exercises.



Classes are a great option for people who are interested in martial arts and want to learn a few rules of self-defense. There are fist boxing punches and kicks. During the course are used gloves and protectors. Kickboxing Classes have great impact on coordination, increase explosive strength, speed and balance. Designed for both women and men.



The classes combine classic elements of martial arts fitness, such as karate, boxing or kickboxing. However, this is not a contact sport and does not teach any of the methods of attack and defense against attackers. Classes are designed for a wide range of participants, anyone who is looking for a large variety of classes and does not like monotony.



Participants Bokwa® using steps "draw" on the floor the shapes of letters and numbers, while performing energetic and incredibly addictive cardio workout. Together moving to the most popular music of recent times, the participants in each age class perform Bokwa® L, 3, J, K, and a whole bunch of other steps. Want to know more? Go to



General development classes, consisting of the exercise of all muscle groups, both upper and lower extremities. In particular, arm, abdomen, legs and buttocks. High intensity of activities allows you to burn the excess of body fat and improve the efficiency of the organism. Classes begin with a warm-up in the form of a simple choreography, followed by the main and last part - stretching. Recommended for all women.



The classes, which aim is to strengthen all muscle groups. The activities have a beneficial effect on the joints and bones, the smooth functioning of the respiratory and circulatory systems. Classes begin with the dance warm-up, followed by the main part, so strengthening exercises and at the end a short stretching. Designed for those who are just beginning their adventure with fitness.


Fitness ticket
1 in a week/ 1 month
PLN 70,00
+Body Composition Analysis
2 in a week/ 1 month
PLN 90,00
+Body Composition Analysis
3 in a week/ 1 month
PLN 120,00
+Body Composition Analysis
1 in a week / 3 month
PLN 190,00
+Body Composition Analysis
2 in a week / 3 month
PLN 245,00
+Body Composition Analysis
3 in a week / 3 month
PLN 330,00
+Body Composition Analysis
single entry
PLN 20,00