In our fitness club gym is divided into 3 zones. While exercising at the gym you can decide how much time you exercise, how intensive is the training, how long are the breaks between exercises.

The gym is under the constant supervision of an instructor. If you have any questions about how to perform a particular exercise, do not hesitate to ask. Inappropriate manner of perfoming the exercises can cause pain and other serious consequences.

If you want to fit exercise into yourself, your coach can prepare a training plan and conduct it. personal training (link).

For details ask in the reception and trainers.



Cardio zone is equipped with a treadmill, bikes and eliptics to help you lose weight and improve your figure and physical fitness.


TRAINING AREA strength-endurance

In the area of strength-testing machines are used for training specific body parts, designed to improve muscle strength, reduce body fat, as well as model your silhouette.



Stretching zone is for everyone. Stretching and flexibility of muscles should be done after every workout. Exercise with the load, gums and other devices are the additional part to training on the machines, and often an alternative for those who can not perform certain operations on the machines.



Zone is intended mainly for personal training, adapted to the individual exercises with a trainer. In this zone people exercise under the guidance of a coach in order to achieve the best results. More about personal and functional training can be found in the internet. personal training.


Gym ticket
1 month without limits
PLN 135,00
+Body Composition Analysis
3 months without limits
PLN 360,00
+Body Composition Analysis
1 month without limits to time. 16:00
PLN 110,00
+Body Composition Analysis
3 months without limits to time. 16:00
PLN 285,00
+Body Composition Analysis
single entry
PLN 30,00