Personal Training under the supervision of a qualified instructor is the most effective form of exercise. These are individual trainings under the guidance of a personal coach in any number of days per week, depending on the physical condition, needs and possibilities of the customer.

The purpose of functional training is to influence the overall efficiency by performing specific exercises, during daily activities. It is planned on the basis of a series of exercises of both local and global sphere, which aims to improve motor skills of a particular person. Functional training is carried out at the level of basic motor skills - the fundamental movement patterns are based on mobility, stability and coordination - that each of us must have, for the safe movement.

In Centrum Młodości functional or personal training is divided into two stages. The first one is the consultation and interview. The coach must determine preferences of a particular Club Member, get to know his expectations, learn about the way of life or illnesses. Every time an analysis of body composition is carried out, showing the current state of the body Club Member, and therefore the amount of muscle, fat and water. The second stage is the individual session with a trainer. Can be carried out at the gym or in the fitness room. It can also be nordic walking, cycling, in the swimming pool or other activities preferred by a Club Member. Training consists of a warm-up, which is individually adjusted, training and streching.

Thanks to personal training, everyone is able to get your training goals in a quick and a really safe manner.


Personal training ticket
5 training course
PLN 300,00
+Body Composition Analysis
+Dietary guidelines
10 training course
PLN 500,00
+Body Composition Analysis
+Dietary guidelines
Personal training
one training
PLN 80,00
+Body Composition Analysis
+Dietary guidelines