1. Guests of Centrum Młodości Villa are obliged to observe the Regulations, as well as OHS [occupational health and safety] and fire safety regulations and follow the instructions given by the management and staff on duty in case of emergencies.
  2. Centrum Młodości Villa shall not be liable for any loss or damages resulting from the customers’ and their guests’ failure to comply with the Regulations.
  3. Room rental fees are charged on a daily basis.
  4. Check-in starts at 2 pm. Check-out starts at 11 am the following day.
  5. A pre-payment of 30% of the room rental fee, which should be made within three (3) days from the reservation day, constitutes the the confirmation of stay.
  6. In the event of cancellation of reservation, the deposit shall not be returned.
  7. If the Guest has not specified the period of stay when renting the room, it is assumed that the room has been rented for one day.
  8. If the guest wishes to prolong their stay beyond the period specified upon arrival, they should report it to the reception desk by 10:30am on the last day of stay.
  9. The Villa will accept a request to prolong the stay whenever possible.
  10. Should you have any concerns related to the quality of provided services, report them to the reception desk. The Villa will try to remove the inconvenience wherever possible.
  11. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the Villa shall be liable for loss or damage to property brought by the guests to the extent specified in sections 846-849 of Polish Civil Code.
  12. Guests shall inform the reception about any damage immediately after noticing it.
  13. Villa's liability for the damage to or loss of money, securities, valuables or objects of scientific or artistic value is limited.
  14. The Villa shall not be liable for damage to or loss of the car or any other vehicle belonging to the Guest.
  15. Entry and parking of vehicles is allowed only in places designed for this purpose. The car park is free, unguarded.
  16. The guests bear financial responsibility for any damage to the equipment or technical equipment of the Villa (including the loss of keys) caused by the guests or their visitors.
  17. The Guest shall check if the door is locked, if the windows are closed and if all the electronic devices in the room is turned off each time they leave the room.
  18. The Guest shall not make the room available to third parties even if the period paid for has not yet passed.
  19. People who are not registered as Villa guests, can stay in the room from 6 am to 10 pm.
  20. Quiet hours are in effect from 10 pm to 6 am. Each of the Guests is given a key to the main entrance together with the key to their room; we kindly ask you to lock the door behind you during quiet hours.
  21. Due to fire safety, the use of heaters, immersion heaters, electric irons, microwave ovens, gas appliances, electrically powered instruments or any other similar devices which do not constitute room equipment is forbidden in the rooms.
  22. Frying fish and drying mushrooms in Villa rooms is forbidden.
  23. No smoking or alcohol is allowed within the entire compound of the Villa.
  24. The management of the Villa reserves the right to refuse to check in a guest, who during their previous stay seriously violated the Regulations thereby causing loss or damages to the Villa’s or guests’ property, caused personal injury to Villa’s guests, staff or other people staying in the Villa or has in any other way created a disturbance in the guests’ stay or in the functioning of the Villa.
  25. Guests using the fitness club shall familiarise themselves with the Regulations of Centrum Młodości Fitness Club which can be found at the reception. Use of the Fitness Club constitutes acceptance of the terms of the Regulations.
  26. Pets are not allowed.