In Centrum Młodości there are two saunas: Traditional and InfraRed. Traditional sauna is characterized by high temperatures, up to 110 degrees C and high humidity. It cleanses the body of toxins, and at the same time loosens and relaxes. InfraRed sauna works by heating up the body by infrared rays that penetrate the skin and heat up the body from the inside. The maximum temperature in the sauna is 60 degrees C. It is especially recommended for people having problems with circulation, bursting capillaries, varicose veins or asthma.

People who prefer the traditional sauna, we offer the sauna bath, immersion in sucks, with ice-cold water. There could be found also the shower, where the water temperature is regulated.


single entry
PLN 50,00/person
from september to may
minimum 2 people